Forms for Payroll

Timesheets and Payroll forms have been moved to the Staff Toolbox - Forms Library, under Business Services Forms. 

Completing Your Time Sheet

All Time Sheets

  • Record and submit hours each month (1 month per timesheet). Do Not save them for a lump sum or turn them all in at end of year.
  • Use pen, not pencil.
  • No white out is allowed. Line out mistakes and initial/date.
  • Record your 5 digit employee number.
  • Make sure all areas of the form are correct and legible (including signature).
  • Capital Projects budgets need the full account code. Example: 20.240/9188203220.020
  • Sign and date after the work has been completed. Employee signs first, supervisor last.
  • Originals only, copies can not be accepted.

Multi-Line Payform

  • Only certificated staff may use this form.
  • Use for 2 or more certificated employees attending the same workshop/class.
  • Use only the spaces provided. You will need to add a second page for more than 15 certificated employees.

Certificated Blue Time Sheets

If the employee is filling out a blank blue timesheet for additional/activity hours, please make sure their 5 digit employee # and employee name are clearly recorded, along with year and month. In the assignment box, please record the following:

  • Location
  • Project description
  • Account Code
  • Hourly Rate

If you have questions, please contact the Payroll Office (contact information on home page).