Welcome to Payroll 

The Payroll Department provides payroll administration services, including time and attendance, direct deposit of pay, final pay, written verification of employment, leave balances, and W2 forms for all district schools and departments, supporting over 3,000 District employees.

Payroll Trivia:

  • The Payroll Department  processes over a $17 million dollar (gross pay) monthly payroll
  • We have two automated timekeeping systems (KRONOS and AESOP)
  • 1500 paper timesheets are processed each month

Who to Call

Name Role / Responsibility            Ext Email
Jodi Miller           

Payroll Supervisor 



Terri Skeel

Payroll Lead

  • Time Sheets - Classified (P-Z)
  • Direct Deposits
  • Garnishments
  • Leave Balances and Donations
  • Professional Hours
Coleen Stelte
  • Time Sheets - Classified (A-G)
  • W2 Reprints
  • Written Employee Verification

Lori Farquharson
  • Time Sheets - Classified (H-O)
  • Time Sheets - Administrator
  • Time Sheets - ASB
  • Time Sheets - Hourly/Sub
  • Written Employee Verification