Budget Information

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F195 - Official Budget Document

The F-195 is the official school district budget document and is filed with the Superintendent of Public Instruction.  Annually, a school district's budget must be approved by their Board of Directors by August 31. 

The fiscal year for school districts starts September 1 and goes through August 31.  The budget establishes maximum expenditure amounts for each fund and provides a means of measuring and guiding performance.  Northshore's budget is submitted to the school board at the first meeting in August.  After board approval, it is submitted to the Educational Service District (ESD).  Once approved at the ESD, it is forwarded to the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI) for final approval.

Five Separate Funds

The Northshore School District budget is comprised of five separate funds - the General, Associated Student Body, Debt Service, Capital Projects and Transportation Vehicle Funds.