Associated Student Body Guidelines

students surrounding a pile of pet food depicting a pet food drive

An ASB shall be formed in each school whenever one or more students in that school engage in money-raising activities with the approval and under the supervision of the district.  An ASB shall be a formal organization of students, and must submit a constitution and bylaws to the district's Board of Directors for approval. 

The following is a sample mission statement taken from the Northshore ASB Manual:

  • Unify all student organizations under one general contract
  • Improve communications and further better working relationships between the students, faculty and administration for the school
  • Develop an understanding and appreciation of the democratic process
  • Develop in all students a growing understanding of membership in a democracy in the school
  • Promote, in all ways, the best interests of the school
  • Encourage student involvement and enthusiasm in all school activities

Information for establishing an ASB and conducting fundraisers can be found in the in the Staff Toolbox under ASB Forms. 

If you have questions, please contact:

Accounting Manager
Ann Rolf