NVP Secondary Update: PSAT, Supports Available and more


Remember, PSAT testing is Tuesday October 26, 2021 for 10th and 11th Graders. Please contact nvp@nsd.org with questions.

Supports Available for Secondary Students

  • Level 1: Edgenuity Software

    • Students can watch the video with support tools: pause, rewind, closed captioning, read aloud, translation tools, guided notes, and highlighting. 

  • Level 2: Northshore Teacher Mentor

    • Weekly Mentor meetings and supports throughout the week, goal setting, academic support, social and emotional learning, and connection to the Northshore School District.

      • Level 2B: If your student is on an IEP, they will receive support throughout the week from their Special Education Teacher 

  • Level 3: Edgenuity Teacher

    • Students can use “Bookings” for each teacher to make an appointment for additional support which includes 1:1 help. 

  • Level 4: Concept Coaching

    • In core classes students can click on the CC icon and be connected to a live person who can work with a student through any academic issue they are having. 

  • Additional Support

    • Julie Brock, our secondary counselor can support students in a variety of ways.  Social and Emotional, 504s, college and career readiness, graduation pathways, connection to supports utilized around the school district such as mental health therapists and nursing. 

Amount of Daily Student Work

Your student should be working on their courses at least 4-5 hours per weekday (they can chunk this anyway they would like).  If they are behind schedule, they may need to work on the weekends or vacations.  They can work with their teacher mentor and/or special education teacher to create a plan of progress. 

Tip: Try using the Course Map/Course Report feature in each of your courses to help you stay on track (this is the page with all of the due dates)

Family Schoology Group

To support our Northshore Virtual Program community, we are creating a family Schoology group. To do so, we need one parent/guardian volunteer with a student in K-5 and one in 6-12. If you are interested in helping to lead the Northshore Virtual Program Family Schoology Group, email nvp@nsd.org. If we have multiple volunteers, we will choose based on the order we receive the interest.