Elementary NVP Update: Family Schoology Group and More

Schoology Group

We are excited to announce that we have launched a Schoology group for parents/guardians of students in the Northshore Virtual Program! The Schoology Group will be a place for families to connect with one another. It includes discussion boards, resources and more. Thank you to Michelle Harris, a parent of NVP students, for organizing this group!

To access the NVP Elementary Parent Schoology Group:

  1. Log into Schoology (nsd.schoology.com).
  2. Navigate to your account by clicking on the menu in the upper right corner and selecting your name.
  3. Click Groups.
  4. Click the tile for the group you want to visit.
  5. If you have no groups and want to join one or you want to leave a group, click “My Groups”.
    1. To join a group, click the blue “Join a Group” button and enter the group code when prompted.
      1. Elementary NVP Parent Group code is FB4B-9PTC-RHQVM
      2. Middle NVP Parent Group code is 5WZF-7ZKJ-GCP95.
      3. High NVP Parent Group code is 4WS8-BNVK-VJRFC.
    2. To leave a group that you’ve already joined, click on the group and in the next screen, click “Leave this Group” in the lower left corner. 

NVP Contact Information

If you have time-sensitive questions/concerns, please call the main NVP office at 425-408-6117.

Devices: Returning to In-Person Learning

If your student is returning to in-person learning at a school within the Northshore School District, they can keep their district device. Please check with your in-person school for details regarding whether the device is taken back and forth between home and school or if it remains at school.

If your student is returning to in-person learning at a school outside of Northshore School District, please return the district-issued device to the NVP office at Innovation Lab High School any school day between 8-4.

Reminder: Edgenuity K-5 Feedback Survey

To help determine if we will purchase Edgenuity K-5 (Accelerated Education - Buzz), please complete this survey form.