News & Updates

Picture of a Cube- i-Ready logo

Families will learn about how the i-Ready Assessment is used to create a personalized pathway of instruction for every student.

NVP Update: Edgenuity Workbook Pick-Up Updates

On Friday, teachers notified you of upcoming materials pick-up events for the Edgenuity Workbooks. The pick-up plan varies from teacher to teacher for a variety of reasons. Upon finalizing the assembly of the Edgenuity workbooks over the weekend, we discovered over 200 workbooks are missing. We are working with Edgenuity to get additional copies made as soon as possible. As a result, we have to cancel the Monday materials pick-up events and we have updated the materials pick-up schedule.

NVP Update: SBA, Reflections Art Program, PSAT and More

It was wonderful seeing many of you at Curriculum Night last week. If you missed the elementary or secondary curriculum night presentations by administrators Katie Bjornstad and Megan Bernicchi, you can view the recordings here. If you missed one of the elementary breakout sessions, please contact your student’s teacher for a recording.

Megan Bernicchi and Katie Bjornstad speaking in a Zoom meeting

Please join us on Oct. 6 for the Northshore Virtual Program Curriculum Night! For our families of students in elementary, we will share information about additional curriculum resources that will supplement the Edgenuity pilot. For families of our students in secondary, you will have an opportunity to hear from your student’s Northshore School District mentor teacher.