What is NVP?

The Northshore Virtual Program is a K-12 program for families who choose to stay 100% remote for the 2021-22 school year. Beginning September 2021, the Northshore Virtual Program will support student learning in a 100% online format for any interested student in grades K-12. The program will provide an online learning format for students that is coordinated and taught by Northshore School District teachers in conjunction with Edgenuity. Students enrolled in the program will experience:

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Continuous Learning 2.0 (CL 2.0) Model for Elementary and Alternative Learning Experience (ALE) Model for Secondary

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Predictable daily schedules for elementary students and flexible scheduling for secondary students

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Edgenuity Courses, aligned with and/or supplemented by other Northshore School District curriculum, as appropriate

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 Northshore School District teacher support

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Opportunities for students to engage with peers virtually

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Special services, such as, but not limited to, 504 plans, Special Education, English Learner (EL), and Elementary Advanced Program (EAP)

Secondary Course Catalogs


Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to our most commonly asked questions.