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Staff Directory

Last Name

First Name Role Email
Bakken Lea 1st Grade Teacher
Ball Laura Kindergarten Teacher
Bartlett Carrie 5th Grade Teacher
Bernicchi Megan Administrator - Elementary
Bjornstad Katie Administrator - Secondary and Elementary
Bowen-Pope Laura Special Education Teacher - Learning Center - Elementary
Brock Julie Counselor - Middle/High School
Calhoun David Special Education Teacher - Learning Center - Elementary
Chacon Patricia 1st Grade Teacher
Clark Daniella Special Education Teacher - Learning Center - Secondary
Council Lacy Kindergarten Teacher
Engelhardt Erika 1:1 Paraeducator
Fisher Suzanne Special Education Teacher - FSA - Elementary
Frost Kimberly 2nd Grade Teacher
Han Julia 1st Grade Teacher
Hansen Chris 3rd Grade Teacher - EAP
Higa Marian Special Education Teacher - Learning Center - Elementary/Middle School
Holt Emmerson 4th Grade Teacher - EAP
Jackson Lisa Secondary Mentor Teacher - High School
Jarrouge Lamia Kindergarten Teacher
Jauregui Melissa Special Education Teacher - FSA - Elementary/Middle School
Jenks Heather English Language Development Teacher
Jurgensen Jennifer Special Education - Speech Language Pathologist
Keesler Alexandra 2nd Grade Teacher
Kim Tay 2nd Grade Teacher - EAP Mix
Klaas Stephanie 3rd Grade Teacher - EAP Mix
Lee Maddison Special Education Teacher (Mid-Level)
Lickenbrock Heather 1:1 Paraeducator
Long Brigette 1st Grade Teacher
Martens Debbie Secondary Mentor Teacher - 7th Grade (D-Z) and 8th Grade (all)
McCool Christen 5th Grade Teacher
Miner Liam Secondary Mentor Teacher - 6th Grade (all) and 7th Grade (A-C)
Mohammad Parveen 2nd Grade Teacher - EAP
Moore Maria Kindergarten Teacher
Nitta Kevin 4th Grade Teacher - EAP Mix
Oakely Jack 1:1 Paraeducator
Phanhthavilay Shannon Director of Special Education for East Region Schools
Purvis Audrey 5th Grade Teacher - EAP Mix
Putnam Leslie 3rd Grade Teacher - EAP
Quinn Hannah Kindergarten Teacher
Reid CherynLee 1:1 Paraeducator
Roemer Kim Secretary/Registrar
Roman Javier 5th Grade Teacher
Runyon Abigail 4th Grade Teacher
Sandusky Bill 1:1 Paraeducator
Schaefer Ashley 3rd Grade Teacher - EAP Mix 
Shete Helen 4th Grade Teacher - EAP Mix
Singh Minnie 1st Grade Teacher
Sitaraman Ramya 2nd Grade Teacher - EAP
Smith Tylor 3rd Grade Teacher - EAP Mix
Smith/Walter Nicole 1:1 Paraeducator
Torchia Chantelle 5th Grade Teacher - EAP Mix
Toth Zachariah 4th Grade Teacher
Truly Stephanie 3rd Grade Teacher
Tsutsumi Karen English Language Development Teacher
Urbanski Diana Special Education - Contracted Speech Language Pathologist
Vonasek Mary Jo Special Education Teacher - Mid-Level - Middle/High School
Waters Terise 2nd Grade - EAP Mix
Weyrick Tara Office Manager