Weekly Reopening Update: March 5, 2021

In today’s Weekly Reopening Update, I want to give you the latest information with the understanding that our collaborative team continues to work through the complex details of a safe reopening plan.

At this time, I can tell you that the model for students in K-5 hybrid will be two days of in-person learning and two days of asynchronous learning, and those K-5 students choosing 100% online learning will be two days of synchronous learning and two days of asynchronous learning. These paired days will be either Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday.  This will likely require some teacher and classroom student reassignments, though we will try to minimize these shifts. Once parents and guardians have completed a final Intent to Return form, which will be sent to all K-5 families next week, this picture will become clearer. All schools and programs are unique. Therefore, school and program staff will communicate directly with parents and guardians as details emerge.

I want to remind you that there are groups continuing work on the Hub model for in-person experiences in middle and high school. Also, the Senior Committee continues to work on safe in-person milestone celebrations, support and activities. Information will be forthcoming.

We will use what we’re learning from this planning, health department guidance, and from our Northshore community’s engagement to plan for fall. I want to assure you that we expect there will be some type of in-person model for all students choosing to be on campus in the fall. We are also planning for an on-line only option for those students not ready to return to campuses in the fall.

I continue to be grateful for everyone – our students, staff and families for all of your work and collaboration during this time. Every voice matters.

All the best,

Michelle Reid, Ed.D.


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