Weekly COVID Update: December 11, 2020

As it is Friday, I am providing this week’s COVID-19 update. We are continuing to hold in Stage 2 of our Learning Model Status. Since last I shared an update, teams across the District have continued preparing for the time when it is safe to move to our next Stage. Many of us have also been watching the data, and the numbers continue to move in a troubling direction. Infection rates across our state continue to spike. Both King and Snohomish counties continue to have high infection rates and experts expect the numbers to continue on an upward trend.

Here are the latest infection rates as reported by the state and posted on our Decision Process webpage. The numbers you see on the graph below indicate the COVID-19 positive rate per 100K population in the prior two weeks in King and Snohomish Counties. The state reports lag slightly behind county reports, and data are continually collected. Based on past counts, final numbers for these dates are likely to be higher.

Image preview

King County:
Dec. 5 407.4
Dec. 6 403.4
Dec. 7 394.5

Snohomish County:
Dec. 5 405.5
Dec. 6 402.6
Dec. 7 396.4

I want to repeat what I shared in my Thursday Thoughts this week because I know mental health and well-being are top of mind for all of us. As we move into the winter months and continue this journey through the pandemic together, we have some understanding of what everyone is experiencing – primarily the anxiety of the pandemic layered upon the academics and expectations, missed milestones and traditions, and the greatly missed human connections that we find when we are physically together in the school buildings and other traditional spaces. We will continue to work every day to support our students and each other through this time that is far from business as usual; together all things are possible.

As we are in the holiday season, let’s remember to work together to bring those COVID positive case numbers back down by practicing safety protocols – wearing masks, physically distancing, frequent handwashing, etc. Together, our actions can make a difference for our entire community.

Wishing you all the best,

Michelle Reid, Ed.D.
Northshore School District


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