Message to Families: Class of 2020 Graduation Update

In this time of COVID-19 – a world event like no other in our lifetime – I truly hope you are taking time to find joy in even the smallest things as you continue your journey toward one of the most important milestones in your lives. It’s at a time like this that all of us must come together to do the best we can, like creating the best and safest possible graduation experience that will honor you and your achievements and fulfill our legal obligations to the state, while leaving open the possibility of a later senior celebration activity. As you know, Governor Inslee extended his Stay Home Stay Safe order until May 31. In reviewing his phased approach for reopening the State, it is clear that we are a ways from safely gathering groups of students, staff and families. After taking this new information into account along with multiple meetings with student leadership, principals and other district staff, and many communications from parents and guardians, I am able to share plans for Northshore’s Class of 2020’s graduations.

  • We will maintain the original dates/times for high school graduation. 
  • On those dates, we will provide a virtual graduation experience. 
  • A committee made of students, staff and administrators from all high schools met to determine what elements of a graduation ceremony are important to include in the virtual experience with the understanding that each would have slight variations to reflect each school.
  • We are also working with the high schools to determine the best way for cap and gown pick-up and possibly a photo.
  • And, with the virtual graduations, there is also an understanding that schools will plan an activity/event of their choosing to celebrate seniors if/when it is safe to do so.
  • You can share your ideas for a later celebration experience using this link.

I want to thank everyone who brought their best thinking and creative problem solving in contributing to this decision, especially our senior student leaders who brought the voices of their classmates to the table. I know how important this time is and the significance graduation merits.  I also acknowledge this has not been the senior year that you’ve been looking forward to in so many ways both large and small.  I thank you for your sacrifice, resilience and continued optimism in the face of unprecedented adversity; it matters.

Please know we will do whatever we can to craft a memorable graduation experience to mark your achievements, -- as we together, -- remain so proud of each of you.   I remain inspired by the Class of 2020 and look forward to celebrating graduation with you.  We are Northshore!

Warmest Regards,
Michelle Reid, Ed.D.


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