Letter to Families: Preparing for Monday and Athletics Update

Let me begin by saying that I consider our community to be our strength with our common goal being to provide the best possible education to our students in a safe and welcoming environment.  This evening, I want to provide a brief update on our response to the COVID-19 coronavirus as we are making final preparations to begin official online learning on Monday.

Moving the Classroom to the Cloud:
Our instructional team and many of us across the District continue to prepare for our first day of online learning on Monday, March 9. Please remember to visit our webpage that will provide all the information students, parent/caregivers and educators will need for a successful shift from classroom learning to online learning in the cloud. Also, you may want to review this cheat sheet to get you started. Take the time to review all of this information so that every student is ready to get started on Monday. If your student is in need of a computing device or wifi to successfully participate in online learning, please complete this form and we will arrange to loan your student the necessary equipment.

We understand the childcare challenges that some families may be experiencing. At this time, we have received requests for student support services for approximately 280 students. A committee is still working with community partners to try and develop a model that may include instruction and nutrition. We will share information as it becomes available. If childcare becomes a hardship for you because of our classroom to cloud instruction model, please complete this form immediately so we can assess the need across our district.

Food and Nutrition:
Our Food Services team and Business Services Department have been collaborating on the most effective way to serve nutritious meals for students who might need or want them.

High School Athletics Update:
Two primary goals of the District in this evolving crisis are to maximize the safety of students, staff, and the community while minimizing the impacts on them. To meet these goals, the transition from Classroom to Cloud is designed, among other things, to minimize the need for large groups to congregate inside. Luckily, spring sports is primarily an outside endeavor.

The District is allowing spring sports to continue with practices and expect to move into competitions starting next week. To minimize risk, locker rooms will not be opened and players are expected to meet at the practice location. Players should not attend practice if they are ill.   Once teams move to competitions, players and coaches will be screened with a temporal thermometer prior to boarding buses for away competitions. Anyone with a result over the approved threshold will not be allowed to travel or compete. This measure is not designed to make a medical diagnosis, nor is it foolproof, but is a reasonable practice in service to the two goals listed above.

This health crisis is evolving quickly and guidance needs to be equally dynamic. Please stay alert for changes as conditions warrant.

Middle School Athletics Update:
Due to a variety of complicating factors at the middle school level, middle school athletics will be cancelled for the duration of the up to 14-day Classroom to Cloud event. This cancellation is effective starting Friday, March 6th. We will continue to monitor the data and recommendations as we monitor and adjust as necessary.

I want to close by again sharing how grateful I am to each and every one of you as we have navigated this challenging situation together.  Further, I want to remind each of us that here in Our House, we care for one another and support one another. We have community members who are even now anxious about exposure risks and awaiting diagnosis either for themselves or a family member. Let us not forget to both act with precaution and be careful with our own health. Let’s also remember to be gentle with one another. We will continue to have challenges in front of us, and I know we can meet these challenges; together, all things are possible.

We are Northshore !!

Warmest regards,
Michelle Reid, Ed.D.


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