Letter to Families: Bothell High School Will Open

I am writing you with possibly the best news we’ve had all week. As a result of the CDC accelerating their testing process and dissemination of results, this afternoon, I have received word from our Bothell High School employee, that their family member’s coronavirus test results have come back negative. I requested and received confirmation from Public Health Seattle & King County that there is now no risk to Bothell HS students. With this great news, I am thrilled to say that Bothell High School plans to open its doors again on Monday, March 2.

I so appreciate the work of our staff, from all those at Bothell High School to Support Services, from our administrators to support staff. I also want to thank our community for the tremendous support and sage advice that we received after making the difficult decision to temporarily close the school while we awaited the test results to ensure the health and safety of our students and staff. Together, all things are possible.

While news of the negative results gives us an opportunity to breathe a little easier, I want you to know that our district will continue the work of staying informed on the coronavirus, which presents a very fluid situation. In addition, we are continuing the work of deep planning for a different daily routine as the CDC recommends. We learned this week what we’re capable of when we work as a team. We also learned to maximize our partnerships and to reflect throughout the week to identify opportunities for us to plan and increase our preparedness for many types of events that may have broad impact in the future. More than anything, I am confident in our work this week and grateful for your trust.

Over the past several weeks, we have been sharing updates and resources from various health authorities. We want to remain informed on the coronavirus and all things that may affect our district and community. Please visit our webpage which contains preventative tips, procedures, health resources and much more. If you have resources that you think may be valuable to our community, please email communications@nsd.org and our team will review them.

Enjoy your weekend everyone. Let’s all stay safe and healthy.

We are Northshore!

Michelle Reid, Ed.D.


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