Classroom to Cloud Update from Superintendent Reid

I want to thank you for the significant amount of feedback I have received related to the email I sent out yesterday that outlined our need to pause the current online school (Classroom to Cloud) model we have developed and have been working through iterations to improve. I continue to be so grateful for the grace you have extended us as we have worked diligently as a district to bring this initiative off the page under these extraordinary circumstances in our community and country.

As I am still wading through the emails so I might provide each of you a thoughtful response, I realize it might be best to send out a more global response at this time while I craft continuing communication later today and throughout the weekend. It is at just such a time that we need most to stay connected…

Currently, we are in that space of needing to leave behind what we know well and are comfortable with -- and move toward what we are not certain about. William Bridges, in his book Managing Transitions, would characterize this phase we are in as the neutral zone and it is fraught with both uncertainty and anxiety; it is also a time and space for innovation and new ideas to inform a clearer path forward for our future. We do know that this current health crisis will end, and we do know that we all have the best interests of one another, our families, and our children at the heart of each decision we are collectively making, whatever our role in this current environment is.

Having said that, I did speak personally with OSPI Superintendent Reykdal this morning and I believe that we are on the same page with pausing the current educational delivery model at this time while we examine several key rules and regulations (US Department of Education, etc.) that have broad impact not just for Northshore; but, likely for all schools in the State and nation at this time. We have committed to work together to review and where possible refine recommendations so that we can move forward with an educational delivery model that is both compliant and sustainable. I will be sending more information on our next program iteration this weekend as we approach Monday with the same heart, curiosity and excitement for learning that we bring to each day here in Northshore.

Finally, I want to remind each of us that here in Our House, we care for one another and support one another. We have students, staff and community members who are even now anxious about exposure risks and awaiting diagnosis either for themselves or a family member. Let us not forget to both act with precaution and be careful with our own health. Let’s also remember to be gentle with one another. It is a time to pause and collect ourselves as we gather strength for the rest of this journey as we are not in a sprint, but rather a marathon I believe.  We will continue to have challenges in front of us, and I know we can meet these challenges; together, all things are possible.

Warmest regards,
Michelle Reid, Ed.D.


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