Special Services

In Northshore Learns 3.0, we are reimagining how to best serve our students with disabilities, students learning the English language, students with 504 plans, and students identified as highly capable.



In order to meet the needs of students receiving special services, students will have a wider range of times to access services. This will be achieved by allowing staff the option to deliver services both within scheduled class time and outside of the standard school day, as schedules permit.

  • Students will be able to access special services staff during their daily schedule without limiting participation in their general education classes.
  • Students receiving special services will be provided opportunities for real-time instruction from qualified special services staff during the school day and outside of scheduled instructional time, as schedules permit.
  • When possible, schedules will be created or adjusted to provide students receiving special services the opportunity to receive support in a cohort group from special services staff.


Evaluations, IEPs and 504 Plans

We are creating guidance documents to provide staff clear criteria along with timelines for completion of the work.

  • Special Education Evaluation Teams are working on a plan for completing evaluations and the school teams will contact families when appropriate.
  • We will continue to hold IEP and evaluation meetings via phone or zoom, during times that are mutually agreed upon by the school and family, until they can be held in person.
  • Students in transition years (5th grade to 6th grade; 8th grade to 9th grade) will have their existing 504 plans re-evaluated by Nov. 30.


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