Social Emotional Learning

Over the course of each week, teachers will integrate social justice, racial justice, and/or social emotional learning into each class.

Social Emotional Learning (SEL) helps students gain the foundational skills to understand multiple perspectives, show empathy, be resilient, celebrate and advocate for themselves and others, take initiative, resolve conflict, practice creative and critical thinking, and be committed to lifelong service and stewardship. 

Additionally, SEL supports educational and racial justice, by addressing the psychological stress of students of color, in multiple ways: emphasizing whole-child development, drawing attention to the social nature of learning, advancing the belief that all children can learn, developing young people’s skills to navigate social contexts, and improving relationships between students and educators—a key protective factor for all students.

The District will provide professional development to staff to implement trauma-informed practices with all children and provide universal, trauma-informed support throughout schools and classrooms.

Connection and relationship-building activities will be embedded in every classroom through intentional check ins and/or SEL skill-building activities with students.


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