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We invite families to use this unique time to enrich their student's learning, while encouraging creativity and project-focused learning that harnesses student's natural curiosity and creativity. 

It is important to keep consistency for your child during these challenging times.  We recommend creating a daily routine for your child. The schedule can be flexible to meet the needs of your family.

For technology support with district devices and district student accounts, please call 425-408-7669.

Before accessing materials with your student, we also recommend reviewing the importance of Digital Citizenship.

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We highly encourage parents and guardians to read the terms and privacy policies before creating an account for any of the following resources.

Students have the unique gift of time right now to explore their own interests and engage in create problem solving. This brief guide helps explain what Project Focused learning could look like.

Subject(s): All

Grade(s): All

Quaver music provides some free music content for students, as well as expanded content in a limited time free trial.

Subject(s): Music

Grade(s): K-2, 3-5, 6-8

Use: Free trial, families have the option to subscribe