In our continuing effort to create a more educationally-just system, the Northshore School District will adhere to the principle of "doing no harm" when grading student performance.


Elementary Grading

Elementary grading will continue to focus on both learning behaviors and progress toward end of year standards for the core content areas.


Middle School & High School Grading

Secondary grading practices will include a number of changes:

  • We will use the A, B, C, D or F grading system.
  • Plus and/or minus grades can be given (A-, B+, etc.).
  • Fifty percent will be the lowest possible grade.
  • Student behavior will not play a part in a student’s academic grade.
  • Extra credit will be allowed only for activities based on identified academic standards.
  • Academic dishonesty will be addressed through behavioral interventions rather than impacting student grades. 
  • With specific qualifiers designed by teachers, students will be allowed to retake exams and revise assignments.


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