Power & Service Outages

Power outages in the Pacific Northwest are a common occurrence during fall and winter months. Other service outages including internet and web-based instructional resources occur from time to time, even when power is maintained. Teaching and learning during Northshore Learns 3.0, although dependent on power and internet-based services, will continue during power or other service outages. Asynchronous learning during power or other service outages is expected; attendance will be determined based on student or family evidence of participation in asynchronous activities.

In order to ensure students have access to online asynchronous learning activities in the event a teacher’s power is out, internet connection is cut, or another web-based service is down, teachers should ensure their course materials include information about how students can access online asynchronous lessons, such as those posted in the curriculum maps found in the Northshore Learns 3.0 Schoology Group.  Teachers should also consider creating a folder or space within their Schoology course(s).

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Scenarios & Expectations

The information below summarizes possible scenarios and expectations on the part of educators and students.

Power or Service Outage for Teacher Only

Power or Service Outage for Student Only

Power or Service Outage for Teacher and Students


Internet Issues

If at any time your student is unable to log in to classes due to an internet outage, we encourage you to contact your service provider. We have listed some of the local providers below. You will need to log in to your provider's site to see a map of outages.


Wave Broadband:




Service Statuses

Having troubling accessing one of our instructional tools? Check to see if the service is experiencing an outage by checking their status page:


Asynchronous Learning Activities

The following list of asynchronous learning activities are provided to all Northshore School District families.  These activities are to be used in the event that a power or internet outage interrupts a student’s ability to access their distance learning classroom or their course materials.