Visitors on School Grounds

At this time, volunteers and visitors are not permitted in school buildings. 

It is important to keep the number of visitors inside the school at a strict minimum. Whenever possible, virtual options are strongly encouraged. Outside guest speakers will not be scheduled for in-person presentations. Contractors attending the school for facilities work will be limited where possible. 

To promote health, safety and physical distancing, visits to schools by parents and other adults who are not Northshore School District staff members should be scheduled in advance whenever reasonably possible. These scheduled visits may be initiated by the visitors by contacting the school’s main office, or they may be initiated directly by a staff member. 

  • Visitors must sign-in at the main office with phone number/email 
  • All visitors to the school will be required to fill out a health questionnaire (The form can be filled out by using a smartphone to scan the QR code posted at the entry door of the school or completing a paper form) 
  • Visitors must be clear of symptoms similar to COVID-19 
  • Visitors must wear a mask and maintain physical distancing expectations 
  • A minimum 6-foot separation will be facilitated by physical barriers and/or floor markings