Recess, Outdoor Spaces and Playgrounds

Schools will develop plans to promote student groups staying together and physical distancing during non-instructional time. This will include staggering of break times and assigned outdoor spaces for groups of students.

  • Equipment that would be used by multiple students will be reduced as it will require increased cleaning. Other activities that do not involve the sharing of equipment will be encouraged.
  • Schools will develop site-specific plans to promote physical distancing and reduce the risk of infection. 
  • Classroom cohorts will be in designated areas. 
  • Use of fields and blacktop spaces will be determined by each school community. 
  • Play structures are remaining closed at this time due to the inability to clean them. 

At the start/end of recess breaks each day, all available school doors will be utilized to support physical distancing measures. Once students are in class, doors other than the main entrance may be locked for security purposes.