Physical Distancing

Per OSPI’s Reopening Washington Schools: Safety and Health Requirements, the District will limit capacity and implement protocols to maintain a minimum separation as recommended by state and county health departments between all employees, students, and others to the maximum extent feasible. Building-specific strategies to increase physical distancing may include:  

  • Rearranging desks/tables to maximize the space between students 
  • Keeping students in cohorts/clusters to the maximum extent possible 
  • Reducing the number of students in hallways at any time 
  • Limiting access to only essential visitors or volunteers 
  • Reducing congestion in office areas 
  • Limiting building use outside of school hours to approved District activities 

Each school will have mapping and signage available for all foot traffic flow throughout the building and spaces surrounding the building. This is to ensure physical distancing to lower the risk of transmission. Your school will be communicating this information prior to resuming in-person learning.