Health and Safety Protocols for Childcare Sites

  • Childcare partners will well check students including taking temporal body temperature before allowing entrance into the site. If a student appears to be unwell or registers a temperature greater than 100.4F, they will not be admitted for childcare.
  • Only childcare staff and students attending childcare will be allowed in spaces during operation.
  • Students will be separated into groups following the state health guidelines and kept in distinct spaces throughout care. Multiple spaces within each site will be opened to allow for the social distancing recommended by the Department of Health guidelines.
  • Childcare partners will be required to clean their supplies daily and/or between student use. NSD requests that all supplies, chairs and tables be put away daily to allow for ease of custodial cleaning.
  • In the case of a confirmed case of COVID-19 at a childcare site, the Northshore School District will conduct a complete disinfection of the site where exposure occurred.
  • NSD custodial staff will disinfect high touch points at childcare site using EPA approved cleansers each day. This cleaning will include restrooms, rooms utilized and passageways.