We are turning the page and preparing for a return to in-person learning!



Welcome Back Northshore!

Going back to school is going to be exciting... and different.
Please review this short video with your student so you are prepared for your first day back.





Schedule & Dates

Groups of students are returning for in-person learning and activities.

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Safety Protocols

Learn the safety protocols and know what to expect as we reopen schools.

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Soccer Ball


We will have adjusted sports season and use COVID testing to keep athletes safe.

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Current Status

The dial will be a regular part of our guidance as we may move back and forth.

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We are constantly working to finalize the reopening process.
Please continue to check this page as it will be updated frequently.


Safe Reopening Considerations

Between August and September 2020, the Northshore School District used state and local department of health data and benchmarks to guide the decision process for a safe return to traditional classrooms. With new benchmarks and data, we are adjusting to the state's new guidelines and recommendations while also keeping considerations for the safety of our students, staff and community at the center of our reopening planning.


Personal Protective Equipment

We have secured enough masks, gloves and other staff PPE to meet the needs of our safety protocols.

Covid 19 testing

Rapid Testing & Contact Tracing

We have piloted a testing process and are working with partners to formalize an anonymous and non-invasive testing system.


Risk to Staff & Access to Vaccines

We are working with the state and health partners to ensure that staff who are returning to buildings can do so safely.