Secondary NVP Update: Attendance, Progress Requirements, Registration Information and Tech Tips

Secondary NVP Update: Attendance, Progress Requirements, Registration Information and Tech Tips

IMPORTANT REMINDER: Required Monday Mentor Meetings

All students are required to attend their Monday mentor meetings.  This is our required attendance for two-way weekly contact.  If you cannot attend, you MUST communicate this with your mentor teacher.  Not attending mentor meetings without communicating with your mentor teacher could result in removal from the program. 

Monthly Progress

Students need to be making progress in at least 4 out of their 6 courses to be making satisfactory monthly progress.  If they are not, the student and the parent will receive an email about unsatisfactory monthly progress and will be put on an intervention plan.  This intervention will require the student and the family to develop in conjunction with their mentor teacher a plan to support the student with making satisfactory progress the following month. 

We recommend that all students be working at least 4 hours per day/5 days a week on their course work. 

Fall Registration

  • Please plan on registering at your in-person home school for the 2022-2023 school year.  We are hopeful to find out about the future of the virtual program by April, but we do not want students to miss out on opportunities for course choices at their in-person school in the event that the virtual program is not available next year. 
  • Current 8th graders starting High School in 2022-2023, please remember to check your in-person school’s website for information about registration for 9th grade classes!

Are you running into technology issues? Try these tips!

  • Reboot your Chromebook daily (shut it down and turn it on in the morning, disconnect any peripheral devices that you may have attached prior to shut down)
  • Turn off your video in Zoom
  • Use ‘speaker view’ instead of ‘gallery view’
  • Share files instead of screen sharing
  • Minimize your Zoom window
  • Reboot your home WIFI router once a week
  • Be near your router
  • Close tabs that are not in use
  • Read this helpful article about how to solve common Chromebook issues
  • Watch this video about making sure Google Drive is linked to Schoology to open shared documents and submit assignments

If none of these work, please contact the Student Help Desk either at 425-408-7631 or here.  

Please reach out if you have any questions. 

Thank you and have a great weekend, 


Katie Bjornstad

Administrator of the Secondary Northshore Virtual Program