Woodinville High School Robotics Team Travels to the World Championship

The Woodinville High School team of 12 students attended the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championships competition in April with so much excitement as it was the first time a team from the Northshore School District has qualified. To put in perspective how challenging it is to qualify, this year 160 teams out of more than 6,000 active teams across the globe participated. During the week, Woodinville students competed against some of the best teams in the world and had to give a presentation in front of a panel of experts to be judged for awards given at the end of the week. After the dust had settled the Woodinville High Robotics team placed 19th overall in their division and 37th overall in combined results, which put them in the top 25 percent. For more information about this competition and Woodinville High's route to the World Championship, please see this article.

The opportunities at this event include presentations and recruiting from top colleges like MIT, Stanford, and Yale while companies like NASA, Google, Microsoft, and others looking to recruit young minds for their teams. 

Woodinville was nominated for the Control Award, which is given to teams that have expert-level control theory for controlling the robot during all periods. To be one of six teams nominated is an honor and shows the level of work Woodinville senior Daryoush Washburn is doing.

Daryoush is graduating and moving to Computer Engerineering with a focus on embedded systems. He won the control award at the state level and was nominated at the world level. Congratulations, Daryoush! 

Congratulations to the following students:

  • Nick Sykes 
  • Daryoush Washburn 
  • Kai Tom 
  • Yousef Tirhi 
  • Mason Stuart 
  • Kevin Check 
  • Neha Modi 
  • Joy Song 
  • Krish Doshi 
  • Naren Bala 
  • Tara Misra 
  • Raghav Puri 

Through their hard work, the team has qualified for the Maryland Tech Invitational which is awarded to the top 32 teams from across the world from June 24-26. Congratulations, Woodinville Falcons! 




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