Unleash The Brilliance Workshops

Recently, Northshore School District was one of two districts in the state awarded with the Racial Discipline Gap grant from OSPI. Thanks to this grant, we have partnered with Unleash The Brilliance (UTB) to empower youth to make positive decisions and build a positive partnership between schools and families. The collaboration between Northshore and UTB is to inspire youth to value the process of learning and proactively engage in their education as we share ideas and tools that empower students to proactively engage in their future and with their community. The objective is to work with students, parents and staff on the principles of equity, amnesty, trauma-informed sensitivity and restorative practices to minimize school infractions that lead to harsher consequences that impact learning. Since the project will involve the cohesive collaboration of Northshore students, school staff and parents, UTB will be poised to strengthen these relationships and to assimilate them into the positive learning environment that is currently being established to help lessen disproportionate rates of discipline. UTB will be offering workshops through the end of June that will help families learn about the discipline process and share their thoughts, hopes and concerns with others. These informational workshops will in turn help staff to become more aware of these issues affecting our students. Learn more about the workshops by visiting the Student Services webpage.



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