Student Safety: School Zone Photo Enforcements in Bothell, Kenmore

Student Safety: School Zone Photo Enforcements in Bothell, Kenmore

This fall, the cities of Bothell and Kenmore have both launched photo enforcement programs to enhance student safety and enforce school zone speed limits. These initiatives reinforce responsible driving and our community’s efforts to ensure a safe environment for everyone. During student drop-off in the morning and pick-up in the afternoon, you will see flashing beacons and speeding tickets will be issued with the help of photo enforcement to drivers who violate the 20 mph school zone speed limit near:

  • Arrowhead Elementary (City of Kenmore)
  • Canyon Park Middle School (City of Bothell)
  • Crystal Springs Elementary (City of Bothell)
  • Frank Love Elementary (City of Bothell)
  • Kenmore Elementary (City of Kenmore)
  • Northshore Middle School & Woodmoor Elementary (City of Bothell)
  • Westhill Elementary & Sorenson Early Childhood Center (City of Bothell)

The majority of our schools have school zones with flashing beacons to warn drivers of the reduced speed limit. However, not all school zones have cameras to issue speeding tickets – only those listed above. The City of Bothell and City of Kenmore provide additional details about their use of photo enforcement to issue tickets online. Thank you to the cities for your partnership and care in protecting our students’ safety!



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