Skyview Seventh Graders Succeed in STEM Competition

eCybermission 3 Orcas Team photo

Congratulations to The 3 Orcas, a team of seventh graders from Skyview Middle School who won the seventh grade division of Washington state’s eCybermission, the Army’s STEM competition. Students Sophia Kang, Katie Cho and Hayley Hong beat out seven other western state first place winners to have the opportunity to compete at the regional level.

Their project for the competition focused on the effectiveness of seaweed to reduce ocean acidification as a means to save the Puget Sound whales. 

Skyview Middle School Teacher Lori Hardwick encouraged her former students and provided feedback along the way. 

“This trio of young women is a perfect example of the way people can achieve more, by working together. They each brought their own skill set to the project, and supported and learned from each other along the way. It is so gratifying to see a small nugget of Climate Change instruction in sixth grade, blossom into a project of this magnitude,” said Hardwick. 

“These young women might perhaps choose to go on to careers in science. If, though, they choose a different path, I am confident that they will each be global citizens, and good stewards of this planet. It has been my honor to be one of their teachers along the way.” 

eCybermission is a web-based science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) competition for students in grades six through nine where students are challenged to explore how STEM works in their world while working as a team to solve problems in their community. To learn more, visit eCybermission’s website.



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