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Seattle Seahawks Mascot Blitz Visits Moorlands Elementary

Blitz giving high fives on the Moorlands playground

On Thursday, Sept. 12 Moorlands Elementary students were treated to a visit from the Seattle Seahawks mascot, Blitz at a Welcome Back event.

Moorlands Teacher Crystal Ellis was awarded the visit from Blitz at an auction last year. This visit was a way for Ellis to honor her son Camden, who passed away just before his second birthday due to a dresser tip-over. Since his passing, Ellis has championed raising awareness and making changes to dresser safety regulations to prevent other families from experiencing what her and her husband went through.

Blitz with Crystal and her family

Ellis has tried to do something in Camden’s honor every year since he would have started Kindergarten.

“I thought the opportunity for a visit was really cool, and as my daughter started Kindergarten this year Camden would have been in second grade,” said Ellis. “He loved the Seahawks. I know he would have been as excited as all of the kids we saw today.”

To learn more about preventing tip-overs, visit Parents Against Tip-Overs website.



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