Record Number of Students Turn Out for Free Heart Screenings at Bothell High School

six students getting their blood pressure checked by health professionals

On Nov. 6, UW Medical and the Nick of Time Foundation administered 567 free heart screenings at Bothell High School, six of which were referred for an additional follow up with cardiologists/health providers. 

These screenings are imperative because every young person on school campuses is at risk of sudden cardiac arrest, not just athletes.

The standard of care for well-child and sports physical examinations can miss about 90% of electrical and structural issues that can put young people at risk for SCA. Most of these conditions are not detectable with just a stethoscope.

This number of screenings at Bothell High School broke the previous record of 555 screenings, set at Meadowdale High School.

Volunteer sharing emergency life saving procedures with students

The best way to identify causes of sudden cardiac arrest in young people is by taking a “picture.” Research shows that electrocardiograms (EKGs or ECGs) are the most effective way to diagnose an undetected heart condition.

UW Medical and the Nick of Time Foundation used the latest criteria developed for screening young people’s hearts. An EKG is a completely painless, non-invasive test that evaluates a heart’s health. It measures  heart rate and rhythm through electrodes attached via small patches with a mild latex free adhesive to the chest, legs and arms.

Bothell Firefighters

Students, staff and volunteers helped make this event such a success.

“Our kids were phenomenal,” said Bothell High’s Assistant Principal Elizabeth Cano who organized the event. “Our volunteers were so great with them, caring and reassuring. It was an awesome day. My heart is full.” 



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