Northshore Welcomes New Health & Nursing Supervisor

Cindy Mato

In a year no one expected, Cindy Mato, DNP became Northshore’s new Health & Nursing Supervisor, a role she didn’t predict, but is thrilled to be in. 

“The pandemic is why I am here because the opportunity arose by looking outside the box for a job that I’m really suited for.” 

Mato finished her three-year doctoral program from Seattle Pacific University in June, passed her nurse practitioner boards in August and searched for a role to fit her passion and skill set. 

“The more I thought about it, I questioned if I wanted to work in a clinic where I see patients all day long or would I rather focus on something that allows me to work in education,” said Mato. “I love to learn. I love to teach. These are things that I’ve done in my previous nursing roles. As I reflected, I felt that now that I’ve gone through a doctoral program I have the leadership skills needed for this position and the role provides me the opportunity to make a difference in students’ health.”

Prior to grad school, Mato had been a nurse for 24 years, working at a hospital in Mill Creek most recently. She’s also worked in the operating room of Washington state’s only level one trauma center. In her spare time Mato enjoys spending time with her family, including her five children. She’s an avid sewer, listens to audiobooks and loves volunteering. 

Now, about a month into her role with Northshore, Mato said, “I’m looking forward to continuing to get to know the staff in Northshore and really become part of the mission of the District, embracing that and finding my role within that mission.” 

Being new to the District, Mato was impressed that every school has a nurse dedicated to support a multitude of needs such as chronic health conditions, physical challenges and mental health awareness and support. “It shows the District feels that students’ health and taking care of them is a really important factor in quality education,” she said.

Mato was equally impressed with her team of talented nurses and she intends to continue the team’s focus on the health and wellbeing of students and staff, both physically and mentally. She looks forward to the entire nursing team being a resource for the District. Her approach is student-focused, where nurses are hands-on with the students and quality care is the top priority.

Amid the pandemic, Mato is not only learning a new role, but also staying up to date with the latest information on the virus. Rising to the challenge, Mato recognizes that she has the experience and skills to be successful and thrive.

“I enjoy research, so in our current COVID situation I’m doing a lot of research and looking at what the evidence is showing, analyzing that and then eventually relaying that information to my team,” said Mato. “Once we come back to an in-person setting we will use this information to ensure we are staying safe and keeping our children safe.”

Her mission is to ensure Northshore students’ health and wellness is continually supported in a positive way. She believes that teaching students about a healthy lifestyle will carry over into their adult lives, which ultimately will help improve the overall population health globally. 

Mato is excited for what lies ahead and said, “I feel really lucky to be a part of this team -- to be a part of the Northshore School District -- and to see the passion of the staff. It’s really impressive.”



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