Northshore Students Excel at National History Day Regionals and Advance to State

Congratulations to the middle and high school Northshore students who competed in the regional competition for National History Day in early March at Northshore Middle School. Students were tasked with choosing a historical topic related to the annual theme, triumph and tragedy in history. Then they conducted primary and secondary research in order to analyze and draw a conclusion about the significance of the chosen topic. At the regional competition they presented their work in one of five ways: a paper, exhibit, performance, documentary or website. The event had 320 students compete, 216 entries submitted and 13 schools represented. The community also supported the event including 75 volunteer judges, 35 high school students, and 15 adult volunteers.

The work each student and staff member puts into this event supports our strategic plan goal 4, “Innovative, Creative, Critical Thinkers: Each student will be involved in relevant and engaging learning that fosters creativity and imagination, and will gain the confidence and competence to address personal, community, and global issues in collaborative and resourceful ways.”

Students were judged on three main criteria: historical quality, relation to the theme and clarity of presentation. The Northshore students listed below qualified to advance to state, which will be held on May 4 at Central Washington University.

Junior Paper

  1. Yash Mathur, Northshore Middle School
  2.  Madsion Eubanks, Northshore Middle School
  3. Andrew Da, Northshore Middle School

Junior Performance

  1. Megan Bartol, Northshore Middle School
  2. Sarah Vanoy, Timbercrest Middle School
  3. Amalie Landry, Timbercrest Middle School

Junior Group Performance

  1. Anna Hampton, Noor Khalidi, Megumi Okamoto, Charlotte Kovacich, Timbercrest Middle School
  2. Willa Ruemping, Hadley Cole, Timbercrest Middle School
  3. Yeju Kwon, Megan Tracy, Abigael Wood, Timbercrest Middle School

Junior Individual Documentary Contest A

  1. Daniel Pomeroy, Leota Middle School
  2. Carter Nicholson, Northshore Middle School
  3. Audrey Parshall, Timbercrest Middle School

Junior Individual Documentary Contest B

  1. Haley Van Meurs, Northshore Middle School
  2. Vibhaakshayaa Sathish Kumar, Skyview Middle School
  3. Cary Trott, Northshore Middle School

Junior Group Documentary

  1. Maria Sushmitha, Pinyu Liao, Northshore Middle School
  2. Sathvik Chilakala, Sidhant Raunyar, Canyon Park Middle School
  3. Boston Bean, Shruthika Srinivasan, Leota Middle School
  4. Kristina Hyde, Devon Gordon, Timbercrest Middle School
  5. Samantha Taylor, Emma Northquist, Canyon Park Middle School

Junior Individual Exhibit Contest A

  1. Milica Powell, Timbercrest Middle School
  2. Lauren Caruso, Northshore Middle School
  3. Natalie Stall, Northshore Middle School

Junior Individual Exhibit Contest B

  1. Julia Gonzalez, Northshore Middle School
  2. Liana Moldovanu, Northshore Middle School
  3. Ally Hong, Northshore Middle School

Junior Group Exhibit Contest A

  1. Lauren Morris, Ella Robinson, Timbercrest Middle School
  2. Mia Shayesteh, Nina Josephson, Leota Middle School
  3. Caoimhe Dobey, Zoe Wu, Timbercrest Middle School

Junior Group Exhibit Contest B

  1. Cadence Cox, Noelle DeCuir, Canyon Park Middle School
  2. Paron Holmes, Kaitlyn Lucido, Timbercrest Middle School
  3. Haley Swanson, Esther Lim, Canyon Park Middle School

Junior Individual Website

  1. Colin Pascual, Leota Middle School
  2. Shaui Shaui Li, Northshore Middle School
  3. Areeb Emran, Leota Middle School

Junior Group Website

  1. Claire Pack, Michelle Chuvilov, Canyon Park Middle School
  2. Giuliana Farkas, Kate Kresken, Northshore Middle School
  3. Manasvi Charugundla, Ryka Chandra, Canyon Park Middle School

Senior Individual Website

  1. Samarth Vaekatesh, Bothell High School
  2. Maya Olsen, Woodinville High School

Senior Individual Exhibit

Prisha Patel, Woodinville High School

Visit the National History Day website to learn more.



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