Northshore Schools Receive Trauma Kits

Trauma kits - duct tape, flashlights, antiseptic towelettes, face masks

Efforts are being made throughout the District to be prepared for all types of emergencies, such as earthquakes and other natural disasters, active threats and hazardous environments. 

To support students and staff in emergency situations, schools are receiving trauma kits. In October, 10 schools across the District received a 200-patient trauma kit. Additional kits are on order for the remaining 22 schools and will be delivered in December. Each kit contains supplies designed to effectively treat a variety of traumatic injuries. 

Trauma kits are meant to aid in major injuries, typically life-threatening, and to keep someone alive until expert medical care can be reached. 

First aid kits are intended to support very basic and superficial wounds, such as everyday cuts and scrapes. 

Trauma kits - combine pad, scissors, dressings



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