Northshore Safety & Security Community Training Saves a Life

Northshore Safety & Security Community Training Saves a Life

The staff from the Safety & Security Department have hosted “ACT to Save a Life” first aid trainings within the District and community in recent years, and one of the recent trainings for City of Woodinville staff paid off in a significant way when two maintenance team members from the city responded quickly to an individual in need. 

In April, city public works maintenance crew members Chris Gohl and Marty McGregor were driving when they noticed a man had collapsed. Without hesitation, they immediately stopped their truck, dialed 911, and began CPR on the individual until paramedics arrived. They conducted CPR for about three minutes until paramedics arrived on the scene and were able to take over to stabilize the individual. As the situation settled, paramedics complimented the two city staff on their courage to act quickly and shared that their efforts likely saved the man’s life. The City of Woodinville honored Gohl and MeGregor with Woodinville’s first-ever Life Saving Award at the May 3 City Council meeting.

The ACT to Save a Life trainings are run by Safety & Security Director Henry Simon and Clark Combs, a teacher on special assignment who coordinates emergency preparedness for the District. The ACT program was designed by South County Fire, and it is making a difference, Simon said.

"We are proud of the staff members in the City of Woodinville for their quick thinking and responsiveness," said Safety & Security Director Simon. "This situation highlights the need for these types of partnerships within our community, which can be so powerful and even, in this case, lifesaving. We are proud of the small role we played in ensuring staff felt confident to jump in and provide life-saving assistance.”

Thank you, Chris and Marty, for your bravery and quick thinking, and thank you also to Henry and Clark for your efforts to engage and educate our staff, community, and partners.



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