Northshore Celebrates its 2023-24 Retirees

Northshore Celebrates its 2023-24 Retirees

Congratulations to the 82 Northshore staff members who have retired or are planning to soon retire from the Northshore School District. These individuals have served Northshore schools and students for a total of approximately 1,621 years. Congratulations on the significant impact you have made to the students and families of our district!

On June 13, retirees gathered together to celebrate their years of service and retirement during a district recognition event.

During the event, many of the retirees, their colleagues, and school leaders shared messages and memories from their years of service.

“Some of my favorite memories of my years at Fernwood have been the friendships I have made with so many of my co-workers,” shared Teri Hall, Fernwood Elementary school assistant of 25 years. “Love my Fernwod Family and will miss seeing them on a daily basis.”

“There are countless BIG moments with stories, people, and students who have made an indelible impact on my life,” said Linda Hamilton, Kenmore Middle School choir director and music teacher, who taught for 36 years. “But mostly I am proud of the strong consistent choir program that I was able to maintain in the Kenmore community.”

“I continue to be impressed with how dedicated our school bus drivers and mechanics are to student safety,” said Connie Noll, who retired as Transportation Manager after 43 years in Northshore. “Being a school bus driver is a very difficult job. Imagine having three classrooms behind your back while maneuvering a 15-ton vehicle in heavy traffic in a variety of road conditions. I have made many lifelong friends during my career, and it’s been an honor being part of the Northshore Family for all these years.”

Superintendent Michael Tolley shared his appreciation for the retirees.

“Each of our employees plays a valuable role in the lives of our students, regardless of their title,” Tolley said. “From bus drivers, to food and nutrition service staff and educators, I am proud of the service these retiring staff members have contributed to our students, families, and community. Our retiring staff’s dedication and commitment will be felt for years to come -  they will always have a special place in the Northshore family.”

Congratulations to all of Northshore’s retirees (years reported represent NSD service):

  • Martina Andera, Head Start Coordinator, Sorenson Early Childhood Center, 13 years
  • Carol Anderssohn, Special Ed Paraeducator, North Creek HS, 19 years
  • Timothy Atkinson, Special Ed Paraeducator, Arrowhead ES, 36 years
  • Twila Bartlow, Music Teacher, Maywood Hills ES, 30 years
  • Caron Bear, Office Manager, Crystal Springs ES, 26 years
  • Percival Benitez, McKinney Vento Driver, Transportation, 7 years
  • Christina Berg, Teacher on Special Assignment, Administrative Center, 12 years
  • David Bettine, Teacher, Skyview MS, 5 years
  • Chris Bigelow, Executive Director Racial & Educational Justice, Admin Center, 21 years
  • Korrena Brehm, School Assistant, Fernwood ES, 14 years
  • William Bremer, Mechanic, Transportation, 3 years
  • Gordon Burke, Teacher, Kenmore MS, 37 years
  • Susannah Chace, SLP Specialist, Multiple Schools, 21 years
  • Charles Chirieleison, Dean of Students, Skyview MS, 12 years
  • Richard Cissna, Librarian, East Ridge ES, 10 years
  • Stephanie Cook, Special Ed Paraeducator, Bothell HS, 27 years
  • Chris Cooper, Physical Education Teacher, Woodin ES, 30 years
  • Arpie Cort, ESL Teacher, Fernwood ES, 18 years
  • William Davis, Teacher, Timbercrest MS, 16 years
  • (Joseph) Gary de Gorgue, Teacher, Inglemoor HS, 10 years
  • Barbara Donahue, Special Ed Paraeducator, Sorenson Early Childhood Center, 29 years
  • Kimberly Durkin, Special Ed Director, Administrative Center, 12 years
  • Charlena Eklund, Special Ed Paraeducator, Woodmoor ES, 19 years
  • Mark Emery, Teacher, Inglemoor HS, 23 years
  • Elizabeth Gallagher, Physical Education Teacher, Frank Love ES, 35 years
  • Karen Goodrow, Teacher, Timbercrest MS, 20 years
  • Teri Hall, School Assistant, Fernwood ES, 25 years
  • Kathy Halleran, Special Ed Paraeducator, Timbercrest MS, 18 years
  • Linda Hamilton, Choir Director / Music Teacher, Kenmore MS, 36 years
  • Deborah Hough, Specialist Instructional Materials, Graphics, 28 years
  • June Iwafuchi, Teacher, Moorlands ES, 22 years
  • Diane Jensen, 4th Grade Teacher, Sunrise ES, 36 years
  • Teresa Johnson, Paraeducator, Leota MS, 27 years
  • Cindy Kaufman, Teacher, Moorlands ES, 19 years
  • Cheryl Klemz, Drama Teacher, Canyon Park MS, 27 years
  • Kurt Kulseth, Bus Driver, Transportation, 10 years
  • Kathy Lantz, Teacher, Timbercrest MS, 7 years
  • Quang Luong, Lead Custodian, Northshore MS, 42 years
  • Candace Mangum, Special Ed Paraeducator, Inglemoor HS, 7 years
  • Tracy Meloy, Chief Leadership & Strategy Officer, Administrative Center, 10 years
  • Martha Miles, Special Ed Paraeducator, Sorenson Early Childhood Center, 21 years
  • Fernell Miller, Physical Education Teacher, Arrowhead ES, 40 years
  • Susan Monette Czarnecki, Nurse, Frank Love ES, 21 years
  • Megan Moyer, 1st Grade Teacher, Fernwood ES, 34 years
  • Renee Nicholas, 2nd Grade Teacher, Frank Love ES, 36 years
  • Connie Noll, Manager, Transportation, 40 years
  • Renee Elizabeth Nussbaum, Psychologist, Special Education, 14 years
  • Elizabeth O’Boyle, Teacher, Bothell HS, 34 years
  • Kellie Ogle, Bus Driver, Transportation, 31 years
  • Daniel Ostrowski, Bus Driver, Transportation,7 years
  • Shannon Peddycord, Teacher, Secondary Academy for Success, 38 years
  • Gayle Peters, Cook Assistant, Timbercrest MS, 13 years
  • Patricia Reed, Teacher, East Ridge ES, 6 years
  • Timothy Rhoades, 5th Grade Teacher, Crystal Springs ES, 40 years
  • Dawn Richards, Special Ed Paraeducator, Special Education, 23 years
  • Kristin Rimkus, Specialist Desktop Support, Technology, 33 years
  • Joann Russell, Special Ed Paraeducator, Woodmoor ES, 24 years
  • Leslie Sandberg, Teacher, Northshore MS, 35 years
  • Jeanne Sandusky, Music Teacher, Kenmore ES, 20 years
  • Denice Smith, Cook Assistant Manager, Northshore MS, 20 years
  • Kristine Staten, Registrar, Skyview MS, 15 years
  • Suzanne Sterling, Librarian, Cottage Lake ES, 15 years
  • Cheryl Stief, Teacher, Cottage Lake ES, 17 years
  • Michael Tipple, Special Ed Paraeducator, Ruby Bridges ES, 10 years
  • Lori Trecker, Special Ed Paraeducator, Kokanee ES, 34 years
  • Jennifer Veterane, Teacher, Woodinville HS, 28 years
  • Jane Vincent, Teacher, Leota MS, 36 years
  • Mary Jo Vonasek, Teacher, Northshore Learning Options, 6 years
  • Wendy Wands, Campus Supervisor, Bothell HS, 30 years
  • Barbara Wilson, Teacher, Secondary Academy for Success, 30 years
  • Linda Wood, SA/SLP Support, Crystal Spring ES, 21 years
  • Dori Wuepper, Teacher, Innovation Lab High School, 30 years

This list is based on the latest information (as of June 12, 2024) from Human Resources and includes staff who retired between July 1, 2023 and June 1, 2024, and who have submitted retirement paperwork at the time of posting.



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