March Construction Update: Ruby Bridges Elementary

March Construction Update: Ruby Bridges Elementary
Ruby Bridges Playground Communication Board

Ruby Bridges Elementary’s project team installed a Playground Communication sign on the school’s fully accessible playground during March. The sign is an augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) system consisting of picture symbols paired with words to help students communicate. It works by the students pointing to the picture symbols on the communication board, to express their thoughts, feelings, needs and wants. The board mimics many of the students’ individual AAC devices. By utilizing this, students will no longer need to carry or access their individual communication devices on the playground, as wearing them can create decreased access to activities or potential damages to the device. It promotes inclusivity and independence for the school’s AAC users, and exposes the entire school community to picture symbols and communication boards. 

Additionally, the hydraulic lift was received this month and it is scheduled to be installed at the school’s loading dock by early April. 

The school continues to await the certificate of occupancy, which is also expected in early April. Additional paperwork was submitted to Snohomish County during the month. Once all paperwork is reviewed and approved, the County will stamp the paperwork, signaling that the entire building can be occupied. All student and staff spaces have been approved by the County for occupancy, as defined by the District’s reopening plan. The remaining area awaiting approval is the school’s mechanical mezzanine space.

This project was made possible by the generous support of Northshore voters, who approved the 2018 bond.

Continue to follow the school’s progress by visiting our construction page.



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