Lock Upgrades Continue Districtwide

Lock Upgrades Continue Districtwide
Pushbar lock upgrades

All 33 schools have now received new classroom security locks. Upgrades to push bar entry locks and secondary access points are in progress, and are the final phase of classroom lock installations. To date, 18 of 33 schools have had these upgrades for their main access locks, push bar locks and secondary access points. The upgrades of push bars and secondary access points at the remaining schools are expected to be complete by March 2021. 

The new classroom locks can be locked from inside the classroom without the use of a key, while the old locks required someone to lock the door from the outside with a key. The new locks also have a visual indicator which will help in an emergency situation. 

These important safety improvements are made possible by the generous support of our Northshore community who voted to approve the 2018 bond.

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