INFORMATIONAL: National Social Media Threat

INFORMATIONAL: National Social Media Threat

Sent at 11:06 am on Thursday, March 14, 2024

INFORMATIONAL UPDATE: Social media threat - suspect taken into custody

Dear Northshore Families and Staff: 

This is an update about communication earlier this morning regarding a broad social media threat. A suspect has been taken into custody in another Washington school district. The Bothell Police Department is working with the Bremerton Police Department to support Bremerton’s investigation. There is no indication that there was a credible threat to Bothell High School or any Northshore school. This is an active police investigation so additional details are not available. 

We want to thank our partners at the Bothell Police Department, Northshore Safety and Security team, and others for quickly responding to our concerns.  

We also want to thank the many parents, students, and staff that alerted Northshore Safety and Security to the social media post and provided additional information as needed. 

As a reminder, the District takes all threats very seriously. Please talk with the young people in your life about the disruptive nature of these types of incidents. If a Northshore student is engaged in threats of any type there will be consequences, including potential engagement with law enforcement. 

Northshore School District 


Sent at 8:36 am on Thursday, March 14, 2024

Earlier this morning, a District message regarding a broad social media threat was sent to Bothell High School families, staff, and secondary students. You can view the full Bothell High School message below. You are receiving this message because it is likely you will hear about the social media threat. 

The threat, shared with District staff as a screenshot, included “BHS” but did not mention a specific school. The Bothell Police Department was immediately engaged to support an investigation. Other Districts in our region have also received the screenshot of the social media post. 

Bothell High School is operating a normal schedule today, but In an abundance of caution, District Safety and Security Staff will be on campus and Bothell Police Department will have an increased presence in the area. 

Northshore School District 


Subject: URGENT: March 14 Social Media Threat 

March 14, 2024

Dear Bothell High School Families and Staff,

A social media post was forwarded to our district’s emergency alert system. Due to the content of the social media thread, we immediately contacted the Bothell Police Department to begin an investigation. 

Content included language about shooting up “BHS” on March 14-a specific school name was not included. 

The investigation and outreach to other Districts in our region resulted in learning that other Districts with schools with the initials  “BHS” also received the threat. This included schools locally and across the nation. For example we received a community message from Bainbridge and Bremerton School Districts, in Kitsap County, indicating they also received the threat.

Bothell Police and the District’s Safety and Security team do not recommend closure of Bothell High School. School will be operating a normal schedule today, March 14.  In an abundance of caution, the District’s Safety and Security department will also be on campus today, and Bothell Police Department will also be present and additional officers in the area. 

Student and school community safety is our top priority, and we take these types of incidents very seriously.

We want to thank the students and parents that have reported this incident. They are to be commended for doing the safe and right thing. Additionally, we encourage all students to tell an adult if they have any safety concerns and to report any threatening behaviors immediately. If you or your student have an urgent concern or are aware of an incident that is in progress, please dial 911. 

In situations where you do not believe there is imminent danger, you or your student can contact any member of the school staff during the day or use our Safe Schools Alert System: 

Finally, please use this as an opportunity to talk with your student about the appropriate use of social media. Connect Safely is a good resource to help your student manage and use social media safely: 

Thank you for your partnership in keeping our students and school community safe. 



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