Important Start of School Information

Important Start of School Information

The 2022-23 school year is just around the corner. Below is important information for families to help make the transition back as smooth as possible. 


As we prepare for the return of school next week, the District is reaching out to provide the annual notification of forms that must be acknowledged by parents/guardians, including:

  • WA State Attendance Letter 
  • Rights and Responsibilities Handbook 
  • Weapons Letter 
  • Student Housing Questionnaire
  • Tech Use Agreement
  • Permission to Withhold Student Directory Information (optional form)

We ask that you log in to ParentVUE to view these forms. If you have never logged into ParentVUE, you will find instructions on how to do so when you click the link above. Please know that when you next log in to ParentVUE, you will be prompted to download, read, and take action for each of the forms listed above. Additionally, secondary students will be prompted to download, read, and acknowledge the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook when they log in to StudentVUE. Families with elementary students are encouraged to review the handbook together in ParentVUE with their students. These forms must be completed no later than Oct. 14, 2022.  

The required forms are available in English, Spanish, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Russian, Portuguese, Vietnamese, Korean, Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu. If you would like to access a paper copy of these forms, please contact your school’s main office.

While logged into ParentVUE, we ask that you click the “Online Enrollment or Student Information Update” button in the top right corner of the screen to verify and/or update your student’s information. If you have any questions about updating your student’s information, please contact your school. Thank you for your cooperation as this will ensure we can reach you as needed. If you have any questions about any other forms, please contact Student Services at (425) 408-7725 or by email at


On August 5, 2022 the Washington State Department of Health released updated COVID-19 guidelines for K-12 schools and childcare, and on August 11, 2022 the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released revised recommendations.

These policy changes reflect a significant shift towards long-term COVID-19 management and away from an emergency response. Northshore School District has adjusted our COVID-19 protocols accordingly while continuing to prioritize the health of our students, staff, and communities and safely preserve in-person learning.  

The most significant change is that the District won’t be offering universal batch testing (screen testing) in alignment with revised guidance from the CDC. The CDC no longer recommends testing of individuals without COVID-19 symptoms. Instead, our testing program will focus on responding to suspected or confirmed outbreaks and preserving in-person learning. To learn more, please review the 2022-23 COVID-19 protocols on the District website


Are you Ready for the 2022-23 Meal Program Changes? Northshore School District, like most districts in Washington, will again charge for school lunch and breakfast at the start of the 2022 school year. The Federal COVID-19 waivers that allowed U.S. public schools to offer free breakfast and lunches to all students, regardless of income, expired this last June. 

Now more than ever, it is important that if you believe your family qualifies for free or reduced-priced meals, please fill out an application as soon as possible. Families must qualify for benefits each year. In addition to meals, those who qualify can also receive discounted or free school services including athletic fees, field trip fees, ASB fees, college application fees, and more! The online application is the easiest way to get approved and is available in 9 languages. To learn more, including meal prices for 2022-23,  please visit Northshore’s Food Services webpage. 


Please remind your students to locate their assigned technology device, charger, and bag before school starts if they are returning to a Northshore school and had a device checked out over the summer. Coming to school the first day with a fully charged tech device will help make for a smooth transition back to school. Also, if you have located missing devices or chargers over the summer, be sure to notify your school and return this equipment to your school. Students who are new to Northshore or do not have a tech device will receive information from their school about getting a device for 2022-23.


On Monday, August 22, 4th and 5th grade students participated in the District’s crossing-guard training. A huge thanks to these student leaders for helping ensure other students can enter and leave school campuses safely. 

Please do your part! While our students are busy making sure crosswalks are safer, we need everyone to do the same in drop off and pick up areas around our schools. Many of our schools are located in busy neighborhoods. This may result in traffic congestion. Please obey traffic rules, be courteous of neighbors, and stay alert for young people walking to and from school. 


Fall sports are back in session and our school fields are busy. School field use is prioritized for school-sanctioned sports followed by community use scheduled through the District’s reservation system.  If you are interested in reserving a school field, you may do so by visiting the Facilities & Grounds website to learn more about rentals.

Wishing you and your student a wonderful start to the new school year. 



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