District Awarded Department of Ecology Grant for Electric Buses

In January 2020 the District was selected to receive a Washington State Department of Ecology School Bus replacement grant for electric buses. Districts were invited to apply for up to three buses and the grant would cover the difference in cost between an electric bus and a regular diesel bus. Electric buses cost nearly $400,000, while diesels are about $150,000. Northshore applied for and was approved for three buses. The grant also allows up to $50,000 per bus for installing infrastructure required for charging stations. These new buses will produce zero emissions, compared to diesel buses which on average emit 23 tons of greenhouse gases per bus per year. Additionally, the electric buses will decrease fuel and maintenance costs for the District.

In accordance with the terms of the grant, the District will destroy three old existing diesel buses before the new electric buses are put into service. The exact date for when the buses will be on the road is still being determined as the District is working closely with the bus supplier on logistics.



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