Celebrating our Northshore retirees from 2022-23

Celebrating our Northshore retirees from 2022-23


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Congratulations to the 113 Northshore staff members who have retired or are planning to soon retire from the Northshore School District. These individuals have served Northshore schools and students for a total of approximately 2,630 years. Congratulations on the remarkable impact you have made on the students and families of our district!

On June 1, retirees gathered together to celebrate their years of service and retirement during a district recognition event supported by the Northshore Schools Foundation.

During the event, many of the retirees, their colleagues, and school leaders shared favorite memories from their years of service.

“My favorite memory of my time in Northshore is all the people who became part of the Crystal Springs family over the years,” shared retiring teacher Linda Baisch. “During a Zoom parent conference in the fall, the parent interrupted saying, ‘Is that you Mrs. Baisch? You were my first-grade teacher.’ I am now her child’s second grade interventionist. We have become a large family, and I love being a part of the community.”

Many retirees also remembered specific moments they’ve had teaching our students.

Retiring paraeducator Georgiana Bitzes shared the memory of “having an ah-ha moment when my student got the math concept I was showing her and it brought joy to her (and to me!).”

Interim Superintendent Michael Tolley shared his appreciation to the retirees, highlighting their contributions to student growth and learning.

“As the school year winds down, we often turn our attention to celebrating student accomplishments at graduations and moving up ceremonies,” Tolley said. “Supporting student learning and growth is, afterall, the reason we do this important work. I know this group has positively impacted countless Northshore students’ lives. It is important to note, however, the success of our students is directly tied to the dedication, hard work, and quality of our staff, and that is the reason we are here today – to honor and show our appreciation for your years of service to our Northshore students.”

Congratulations to all of Northshore’s retirees:

  • Peggy Aguilar, Office Manager, Kokanee Elementary School, 29 years
  • Kathleen Andrus, School Assistant, Frank Love Elementary School, 18 years
  • Timothy Atkinson, Fourth Grade EAP Teacher, Sunrise Elementary School, 24 years
  • Linda Baisch, LAP Teacher, Crystal Springs Elementary School, 42 years
  • Debra Barnhart, Fifth Grade Teacher, Arrowhead Elementary School, 44 years
  • Sherry Bibb, Kitchen Manager, Lockwood Elementary School, 17 years
  • Georgiana Bitzes, Learning Center Paraeducator, Skyview Middle School, 12 years
  • Betsy Black, Accounting Specialist, Food & Nutrition Services, 21 years
  • Renee Boulac, American Sign Language Teacher, Inglemoor High School, 24 years
  • Janice Boyer, Special Education Paraeducator, District, 22 years
  • Eric Breekha, LC Teacher, Leota Middle School, 30 years
  • Tawney Briggs, Cook Assistant, Canyon Park Middle School, 32 years
  • Carol Brittain, Driver, Transportation, 20 years
  • Tim Brittell, NSEA President, 36 years
  • Paula Broadwell, School Assistant/LC Paraeducator, Moorlands Elementary School, 12 years
  • Laurie Broulette, Counselor, Secondary Academy for Success, 35 years
  • Sean Burrus, English Teacher, Inglemoor High School, 42 years
  • Christine Carey, Learning Center Paraeducator, Arrowhead Elementary School, 20 years
  • Clark Combs, Emergency Prep Coordinator, District, 31 years
  • Barbara Cordray, Office Manager, Sunrise Elementary School, 25 years
  • Clark Cox, Social Studies Teacher, Woodinville High School, 33 years
  • Bao Dang, Facility Manager, Kenmore Middle School, 25 years
  • Linda Dankoff, English Teacher, Canyon Park Middle School, 32 years
  • Carrie Davison, Social Studies Teacher, Canyon Park Middle School, 37 years
  • Ann Dawson, Fifth Grade Teacher, Cottage Lake Elementary School, 19 years
  • Renita DeGraff, Special Education Teacher, Arrowhead Elementary School, 18 years
  • Susan Desrosier, Nurse, Lockwood Elementary School, 20 years
  • Cecilia Dever, Math Teacher, Canyon Park Middle School, 37 years
  • Gregory Domingo, Speech Language Pathologist, District, 29 years
  • Rhonda Drew, Lead Accounting Specialist, District, 9 years
  • Alison Fada, Learning Center Paraeducator, Fernwood Elementary School, 20 years
  • Kathryn Fader, Paraeducator, Sorenson Early Child Center, 9 years
  • Claire Farr, Science Teacher, North Creek High School, 19 years
  • Susan Fawcett, Fifth Grade Teacher, East Ridge Elementary School, 38 years
  • Shelly Fields, PreSchool Special Education Teacher, Sorenson Early Child Center, 32 years
  • Maureen Fleischman, Learning Center Teacher, North Creek High School, 24 years
  • Debra Forsell, Office Manager, Bear Creek Campus, 20 years
  • Kimberly Garnett, Driver, Transportation, 5 years
  • Barbara Green, Cook Manager, Kenmore Middle School, 24 years
  • Susan Guptill, First Grade Teacher, Frank Love Elementary, 19 years
  • Tammy Gunderson, Fourth Grade Teacher, Wellington Elementary School, 26 years
  • Doug Hale, Executive Director Human Resources, District, 19 years
  • Roxie Hall, School Assistant, Canyon Creek Elementary School, 29 years
  • Duggan Harman, Deputy Superintendent, District, 5 years
  • Sallie Hartman, Third Grade EAP Teacher, Lockwood Elementary School, 15 years
  • Diane Harris, FSA Paraeducator, Inglemoor High School, 26 years
  • Kelly Haupt, Science Teacher, North Creek High School, 30 years
  • Michael Hawker, Network Telecom Specialist, District, 29 years
  • Diana Henderson, Drama Teacher, Skyview Middle School, 25 years
  • Stephanie Hill, Math Teacher, Skyview Middle School, 25 years
  • Robbie Holmberg, Vision Paraeducator, 16 years
  • Beverly Huizenga, Cook Manager, Bothell High School, 32 years
  • Deborah Jacobsen, American Sign Language Teacher, North Creek High School, 26 years
  • Kimberly Jamison, ELD Paraeducator, Crystal Springs Elementary School, 24 years
  • Kelly Jewell, Fourth Grade Teacher, Moorlands Elementary School, 6 years
  • Timothy Johnson, Bus Mechanic, Transportation, 22 years
  • Virginia Johnson, Cook Assistant, Bothell High School, 36 years
  • Annemieke Jones, FSA Paraeducator, Woodmoor Elementary School, 23 years
  • Christopher “Ski” Kacoroski, UNIX Administrator, District, 19 years
  • Bill Kelsey, Driver, Transportation, 5 years
  • Debbie Kem, Cook Manager Assistant, Inglemoor High School, 10 years
  • Christina Killen, PreSchool Teacher, Woodmoor Elementary School, 18 years
  • Kathryn Lawson, Title 1 Paraeducator, Woodmoor Elementary School, 22 years
  • Marianne Lowell, Health Fitness Teacher, Skyview Middle School, 29 years
  • Nancy Lunde, Driver, Transportation, 20 years
  • Patricia Malone, Paraeducator, Woodinville High School, 23 years
  • Debbie Martens, Math Teacher, Bear Creek Campus, 25 years
  • Mark Mayberry, Physical Education Teacher, Canyon Creek Elementary School, 30 years
  • Linda McDonald, Second Grade EAP Teacher, Moorlands Elementary School, 15 years
  • Heidi McCrum, Fourth Grade Teacher, Frank Love Elementary School, 13 years
  • Kristin Merritt, Fifth Grade Teacher, Woodin Elementary School, 16 years
  • Jana Meyers, Speech Language Pathologist, District, 19 years
  • Rodney Miller, Facility Manager, Woodinville High School, 44 years
  • Michael Mills, Physical Education & Health Teacher, Woodinville High School, 38 years
  • Yonni Mills, Athletic Director, Bothell High School, 44 years
  • Valerie Morris Lent, Speech Language Pathologist, Canyon Park Middle School, 35 years
  • Mary Navalinski, Second Grade Teacher, Maywood Hills Elementary School, 28 years
  • Tory Nelson, Fifth Grade Teacher, Shelton View Elementary School, 27 years
  • Mitchell Novack, Science Teacher, North Creek High School, 5 years
  • Kim O’Neill, Office Manager, Shelton View Elementary School, 23 years
  • Daniel Oie, Music Teacher, Hollywood Hill & Kenmore Elementary Schools, 4 years
  • Bradley Owens, Driver, Transportation, 6 years
  • Deborah Park, Nurse, Leota Middle School, 24 years
  • Tracy Patterson, Chief Financial Officer, District, 5 years
  • Douglas Pierce, Psychologist, District, 13 years
  • Dana Plant, Second Grade Teacher, Kenmore Elementary School, 22 years
  • Sixto Piccinoni, Lead Custodian, Woodinville High School, 10 years
  • Sharon Quigley, Project Support Specialist, Technology, 22 years
  • Kathy Rauzi, School Technology Specialist, Timbercrest Middle School, 5 years
  • Mary Rawlins, ELD Paraeducator, Woodmoor Elementary School, 28 years
  • Janice Rendahl, Fourth Grade Teacher, Cottage Lake Elementary School, 36 years
  • Margaret Romano, Fourth Grade Teacher, Crystal Springs, 27 years
  • Michael Russell, Maintenance Foreman, District, 25 years
  • Julia Ryan, Kindergarten Teacher, Arrowhead Elementary School, 34 years
  • Kathleen Salinas, Learning Center Paraeducator, Lockwood Elementary School, 25 years
  • Gregory Shumay, Facility Manager, Sunrise Elementary School, 42 years
  • Michael Shurtlieff, Food & Nutrition Services Field Supervisor, District,  24 years
  • Nancy Sjoquist, Cook Assistant, Inglemoor High School, 10 years
  • Kim Skrla, Audiology Paraeducator, Woodmoor Elementary School, 24 years
  • Nancy Smith-Vela, Counselor, North Creek High School, 30 years
  • Eileen Spong, Kindergarten Teacher, Sunrise Elementary School, 43 years
  • Carla Squires, Third Grade EAP Teacher, Fernwood Elementary School, 20 years
  • Maureen Standley, Mid-Level Paraeducator, Northshore Middle School, 26 years
  • Kindra Stevens, English Teacher, Leota Middle School, 9 years
  • Peggy Sturm, Nurse, Maywood Hills Elementary School, 36 years
  • Emily Sullivan, Intermediate Blended Teacher, Maywood Hills Elementary School, 15 years
  • Carol Tanner, Math Teacher, Kenmore Middle School, 18 years
  • Irina Tarasova, Network Support Specialist, Technology, 27 years
  • Michele Thompson, Administrative Assistant-North Region, District, 6 years
  • Nancy Timson, Librarian, Timbercrest Middle School, 9 years
  • Donna Tyo, Principal, Secondary Academy for Success, 37 years
  • Mary Vasatka, Kindergarten Teacher, Canyon Creek Elementary School, 17 years
  • Maureen Venables, Consulting Teacher, Northshore Networks, 30 years
  • Gary Warmbrodt, Facility Manager, Leota Middle School, 38 years
  • Marjie White, Social Studies Teacher, Canyon Park Middle School, 25 years
  • William Whitmore, Math Teacher, North Creek High School, 35 year
  • Jan Winters, Music Teacher, Maywood Hills Elementary School, 43 years

This list is based on the latest information (as of June 14, 2023) from Human Resources and includes staff who retired between July 1, 2022 and August 31, 2023, and who have submitted retirement paperwork at the time of publishing. The list will be updated as more information is available.



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