Building Improvement Upgrades are Underway at Westhill Elementary

HVAC Work at Westhill

Crews installed new HVAC systems in the Westhill Elementary kitchen and five portables this summer. This equipment regulates and circulates the air flow. These building improvements have a number of benefits including: replacement of an aging mechanical system with a more cost-effective system that reduces operation costs, improves teachers’, students’ and kitchen staff’s comfort, and improves the air quality in the kitchen and five portables.

Additionally, the school’s roof is being replaced, which will reduce heating costs because of the improved roof insulation. Currently the roofing teardown is in process, and exterior painting has started. The roof replacement is slated to be completed in late August.

Once these upgrades are completed, there will be a guaranteed utility savings of 10,948 kWh/year and 289 Therms/year. Additionally, the associated reduction in annual carbon emissions based on calculated savings equates to 8.1 metric tons of carbon dioxide, which is equivalent to removing one car from the road.

Northshore’s generous voters made these improvements possible with their generous support during the 2018 bond election.



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