April Construction Update: Northshore Concert Hall at Inglemoor

Northshore Concert Hall interior

The Northshore Concert Hall at Inglemoor High School is officially dried in, meaning the full exterior of the building has a seal around it. The roof and underground exterior electrical was completed this month and the precast concrete for the tiered floor and balconies was installed. Precast concrete is concrete that is formed offsite and delivered ready to install. This reduces the risk for irregularities that weather and other conditions on the site can sometimes cause when pouring concrete.  

The team is now moving to install HVAC ductwork and interior electrical, followed by sheetrock and carpentry. Coming up in May, the large glassy entrance will be installed, which will allow ample natural light into the building. The theater floor is also expected to be installed in May.

This project was made possible by the generous support of Northshore voters, who approved the 2018 bond.

Continue to follow the progress by visiting our construction page or by viewing the live construction camera.

Northshore Concert Hall exterior
Northshore Concert Hall interior



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