2019 Snow Make Up Days

Due to the epic snow storm we endured in February, we cancelled school for eight days. Because Governor Inslee proclaimed a State of Emergency, we are able to request a waiver for five of those days. However, this only allows us to waive the requirement of 180 school days. We are still required to complete 1,027 hours of instructional time. Therefore we must make up the instructional hours lost from waiving five school days, as well as the remaining three schools days that we are unable to waive. To avoid ending the year in July, our plan involves changing the last day of school, adjusting start times and extending most Wednesdays to full days.

Last Day of School

Ten Minutes Added to School Day

Wednesday Schedules

  • March 20 and June 5 remain early release days.
  • All other Wednesdays are full days.
  • No seventh period on Wednesdays.
  • Wednesday after-school activities are a school-based decision.

School Buses

  • School buses will pick up students ten minutes earlier than originally scheduled. Updated times can be found using Transportation's online route finder.
  • Special Education school bus pick up times may be adjusted according to need. Drivers will communicate individually with families if there are any changes to pickup times. These changes will not be reflected on Transportation's online route finder.  
  • Afternoon drop-times for full days and remaining early release days stay the same.

Elementary Conferences

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

  • Elementary band and orchestra will begin 10 minutes earlier.
  • Zero period will begin 10 minutes earlier.
  • No changes to the last day of third quarter.
  • No changes to Spring Break.
  • No changes to graduation dates.