Art Docent Program At Home

What do Art Docents Teach in the Classroom?

We would like to share more information about our art docent frameworks that are taught by wonderful volunteer art docents. We hope that you will use this resource to continue the conversation of art appreciation, artist awareness and the process of creating art at home with your student.

The frameworks you will find below are a combination of frameworks from our current program that have been updated along with many new frameworks. New frameworks will continue to be added over time based on program needs or to better reflect the ever changing Northshore community. Docents are welcome to create new frameworks that meet the needs of their classroom but it is important that all frameworks include an element of art, highlight an artist and their artwork, and include an art experience or project. It is important to remember that the docent program is not focused on a final project for display but rather the process of creating art.

For easy navigation, select your student's grade level below to see the frameworks they could be taught. 




Natalie Campbell
Partnerships Coordinator