Welcome Northshore Families

We would like to share more information about our art docent frameworks that are taught by wonderful volunteer art docents. We hope that you will use this resource to continue the conversation of art appreciation, artist awareness and the process of creating art at home with your student.  


The frameworks you will find below are a combination of frameworks from our current program that have been updated along with many new frameworks. Over the next two years, these frameworks will continue to be updated and new options will be added for art docents to choose from. 

For easy navigation, select your student's grade level below to see the frameworks they could be taught. 

Framework Feedback
Have you tried one of our new frameworks? We want to hear from you. Propose adjustments and share feedback with our training team. 

Propose a Framework
Do you have a favorite artist, artwork or activity that is not in the new program? Propose you favorites or new ideas to be added to our new updated program. 

50th Anniversary Updates

As the Art Docent Program enters its 50th year, it continues to grow and evolve. It is imperative that we find new ways to engage, train and retain Art Docent volunteers who will be equipped to ignite a passion for art and prepare the District’s elementary students for art in the middle schools and beyond. Additionally, the District’s educational standards have changed over the past 50 years and so has the population this program serves and engages. In an effort to reflect our community and the students we serve, there is a need to refresh and realign the Art Docent Program.



Natalie Campbell
Partnerships Coordinator