Become an Art Docent

Volunteers attending an Art Docent training, learning how to create pinch pots

The Art Docent Program functions as an arts enrichment program lead by volunteers during the school day once a month for an hour. Some docents may have the opportunity to come into the classroom more than once a month, dependent on their assigned teacher's scheduled. The program strives to have at least one art docent per classroom every year. Some classrooms may have more than one art docent. If there is more than one art docent, docents will arrange to divide class visits and/or support each other during monthly class visits.

While visiting a classroom, art docents lead a discussion about the artwork and artist being featured, as well as lead an art activity inspired by the artists and their work. This provides students the opportunity to explore the process of art, bring awareness of art elements and gain an appreciation of the history of art. Over the years the program has served thousands of elementary students with the support of hundreds of volunteers. 


Can anyone become an Art Docent?

Yes! Involvement by parents and community members contributes to a successful school experience and has a positive impact on student achievement. When caring adults participate in the education of children, students achieve better grades, have better attendance, complete homework, and show higher aspirations.


Expectations for Art Docents

  • One year volunteer commitment to assigned class.
  • Prepare a monthly framework to present to classroom for list of approved frameworks. Docents are welcome to create new frameworks that meet the needs of their classroom but it is important that all frameworks include an element of art, highlight an artist and their artwork, and include an art experience or project. It is important to remember that the docent program is not focused on a final project for display but rather the process of creating art.
  • All art docents are encouraged to attend training yearly at their school or at the District.
  • Art docents are asked to work with their school art docent coordinator to make sure all school based procedures are followed.


Sign Up

Are you interested in learning more about being an art docent at your student's school? Please contact your school coordinator. If you are not sure who your coordinator is, please contact you school's PTA/PTSA.

If your school does not have a coordinator, volunteers are welcome to work with their teacher to create an opportunity for a classroom docent. 

Please use the button below to subscribe for art docent communications from the District. This will include important information about training, passkey website access and much more. If you are looking for school specific information please submit the form above or connect with your school or PTSA to learn more about your schools program and resources.