Safe Schools Advisory Committee

After a review of safety programs and strategies of the Northshore School District, the Safe Schools Advisory Committee completed a report under the leadership of Henry Simon, Director of Safety and Security.

To involve the public in the promotion of school safety, the Northshore School District Safety and Security Department has created an advisory committee, known as the Safe Schools Advisory Committee. The committee shall be comprised of representative parents, community members, faculty, students and first responders who are interested in the development of policies and procedures, which promote school safety. The Safe Schools Advisory Committee serves as an advisory committee to the Director of Safety and Security.

We are no longer accepting applications.  Applicants were notified via email on September 20, 2018, thank you for your interest in the Committee. 

Committee Goals

  • Review safety programs, strategies, and make recommendations as appropriate to increase effectiveness of addressing school safety issues.
  • Examine safety and security issues related to the school system’s physical safety and make recommendations as appropriate.
  • Explore ways to involve the community in promoting school safety.
  • Assist with training recommendations as necessary to meet the state mandated requirements.
  • Regularly review the emergency preparedness of the school system.
  • Serve a two-year term and attend at least 80% of the time.


The members of the Safe Schools Advisory Committee shall be appointed by the Director of Safety and Security or designee. Membership on the Safe Schools Advisory Committee shall be limited to no more that 26 members of NSD students, staff and community. Law Enforcement and Fire Services participation is welcomed but dependent upon availability.

Appointments shall include:

  • twelve (12) parents from all three instruction levels representing the four regions
  • three (3) law enforcement representatives (King/Snohomish County Sheriff’s Offices, Bothell, Kenmore and Woodinville Police Departments – as available, school resource officers preferred)
  • three (3) representatives from the fire departments/districts that serve NSD
  • two (2) representatives from the Student ASB (one middle and one high school)
  • one (1) NSEA union representative
  • one (1) Student Services representative
  • one (1) representative from Support Services (either the Director of Supports Services or their designee)
  • one (1) representative from Food Services
  • one (1) representative from Transportation

Committee's Role

The Northshore School District’s Safe Schools Advisory Committee will meet throughout the academic year and act as an advisory committee to the Director of Safety and Security and other district leadership. The committee will focus on:

  1. School system policies
  2. Safety programs and strategies
  3. Security status of school system facilities
  4. Community and agency involvement

The committee may be divided into sub-committees at the will of the committee or the direction of the Director of Safety and Security or designee to complete specific tasks.

Meeting Schedule and Minutes

Contact Us

Henry Simon
Director of Safety and Security 425-408-7745