Nutrition & Fitness Advisory Committee

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Our Mission

The Nutrition & Fitness Advisory Committee is committed to fostering a culture of health and well-being within Northshore School District, in alignment with the goals and principles of the USDA Wellness Policy Requirements. Our mission is to promote the physical, emotional, and nutritional wellness of our students and community members, with a focus on creating an environment that empowers individuals to make informed choices and lead healthy lives.Together, we promote wellness as a cornerstone of a vibrant, thriving, and inclusive community.


Our Commitments

  1. Nutritional Excellence: We strive to ensure that all Northshore students have access to nutritious and balanced food options, with an emphasis on fresh, whole foods, and mindful eating practices. We are dedicated to improving the quality and variety of food choices available in our community.
  2. Physical Activity: We are dedicated to providing opportunities for regular physical activity, both in and outside of the educational environment. Our aim is to encourage and support physical fitness and active lifestyles among all students and families.
  3. Education and Awareness: We are committed to educating our community about the importance of wellness, including nutrition, physical activity, and mental well-being. We aim to raise awareness of the benefits of healthy choices and provide resources for individuals to make informed decisions.
  4. Inclusivity and Equity: We recognize the importance of promoting wellness for all members of our community, regardless of background or circumstance. We are dedicated to addressing disparities in access to nutrition and wellness resources and ensuring that our wellness initiatives are inclusive and equitable.
  5. Collaboration: We actively collaborate with various stakeholders, including students, parents, staff, and community partners, to develop and implement wellness initiatives that reflect the diverse needs and preferences of our community.
  6. Evaluation and Improvement: We regularly assess the effectiveness of our wellness programs and policies, seeking continuous improvement and adjustments based on data and feedback.


Purpose and Objectives

  1. Policy and Procedure Assessment: Regularly evaluate and monitor the effectiveness of existing district policies and procedures related to nutrition, physical activity, and childhood fitness.
  2. Recommendations for Improvement: Provide informed recommendations to the superintendent for the modification or enhancement of policies, practices, and procedures to enhance health services for all students.
  3. Focus Areas: Concentrate on the following key areas in line with USDA Local School Wellness Policies:
  • Ensuring equitable access to school meals for all students.
  • Improving the nutritional quality and diversity of food options available within our district.
  • Promoting physical activity and creating opportunities for increased movement during the school day.
  • Advocating for the integration of childhood fitness programs and initiatives.
  • Providing education and resources to students, parents, and staff regarding healthy lifestyle choices.


Committee Membership

Composition: The committee welcomes volunteers from various stakeholder groups, including parents, guardians, students, community members, and administrative and school staff. The committee will have up to 15 members, with the opportunity for subcommittee selection as needed.

Selection Criteria: Considerations include diverse backgrounds, education, experiences and perspectives as well as distribution of district regional and/or school level representation. A strong commitment to attending all meetings is essential. Members must reside or work within the Northshore School District.


Meeting Schedule

Meeting Frequency: The committee will meet 6 times during the 2023-24 school year to accomplish comprehensive review of the triennial assessment and make recommendations for Nutrition, Health & Physical Education policy and procedure updates. The committee will meet at a minimum of 2 times and a maximum of 6 times in the 2024-25 school year.

Meeting Time: For the 2023-24 school year, meetings are scheduled for the second Thursday of each month, from 4:30 to 6:00 p.m.

Meeting Format: Every second committee meeting will be conducted via Zoom.

Meeting Location: In-person meetings will be held at the NSD Administration Building.

Meeting Dates (2023-24):

  • November 9 - In-person meeting
  • January 11 - Zoom meeting
  • February 8 - In-person meeting
  • March 14 - Zoom meeting
  • April 18 (Note: April 11 is Spring Break) - In-person meeting
  • May 9 - Zoom meeting




Term Length: Members' term lengths will vary based on their role:

  • Community members, parents, guardians, and staff will serve two-year terms.
  • Students will serve one-year terms.
  • Some members may voluntarily extend their service to three years to provide continuity and expertise.

Learning Requirement: All committee members are expected to be open to learning about and familiarize themselves with USDA Child Nutrition and wellness policy requirements to effectively contribute to the committee's mission.


Reporting Out

Annual Report: The committee will submit an annual report to the superintendent each June, summarizing accomplishments, findings, and recommendations related to the district's wellness policies.

Triennial Assessment: A comprehensive assessment will be presented to the board of directors and the broader community every three years, highlighting progress and addressing long-term objectives in alignment with the USDA Local School Wellness Policies.




Juliana Fisher 
Director of Food and Nutrition Services